You may have suffered more roof damage than you realize! Some homeowners aren't aware that shingles do not have to be missing for your roof to be compromised. Hail storm damage may leave all the shingles on your roof, but impact damaged shingles and compromised nail strips will go with little to no protection against another devastating storms, leaving you susceptible to leaks and more costly repairs in the future. Contact our roofing team today to find out more about our great products we offer through these trusted manufacturers. You may be eligible for a full roof replacement from the recent storm with little or no money down!

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Massive hail storm indicators, shingles are compromised once they're hit!

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When tornados and hail storms hit, it can drastically damage your roof on your home. Hailstorms can be very destructive to your roof but the damage can vary to gutters and siding as well! 

 Things to consider with tornados or hailstorms 
-Wind during a tornado or hailstorm the windspeed can change causing different severities of damages to your home.
-Size and density of hail can affect the amount of damage to your property. Hail storms vary in size. as small as a pea or bigger than a softball and most hailstones aren't always smooth so the impact on your home can be even greater.
-Different types of building materials can sustain different hailstone impacts. Aluminum may only receive dings, but gutters and siding can crack and leave your home completely exposed.

Reviews From Happy Homeowners

My roofing experience was. Great. They came 6 am brought in huge crew. About 9 or 10 people. Covered my porch and deck with tarps roped off those areas. Did a great job cleaned up the old shingles as well and nails. I had a small amount of damage on a piece of facia from one of their machines. They replaced that piece of fascia board. Looks good as ever. Dumpster removed next day. I appreciated Jody Garliss came by to check on us. All I can say about the roofing job is I could not have been more pleased.

-Dianne Green


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